about mindful elephant

Mindful Elephant Yoga welcomes everyone and EVERY body to a studio offering a variety of classes to ensure you can find a style and unique experience that honors your body, mind & spirit.

Situated on the corner of 20th and Spring Garden Street, this Philadelphia yoga studio offers a full schedule of classes each day for new and experienced yogis to practice in a comfortable, safe and loving space. Styles offered include Kripalu, Hatha, Vinyasa, Mindful Flow, Yin, Gentle, Chair Yoga, and more. Restorative classes are available weekly and many classes include Meditation. We also offer Reiki sessions!

Yoga is more than what happens on your mat. At Mindful Elephant Yoga, we encourage and inspire students to live their yoga practice on AND off the mat. We passionately believe doing this can transform your life. We call these #OffTheMatMoments. Each month the studio will embrace a mantra/theme to inspire these moments and we encourage our students to share their #OffTheMatMoments with us.
Be the best vision of you | Mindful Elephant Yoga

our teachers

All teachers at Mindful Elephant are certified and experienced in a variety of yoga styles and teaching methods, and they will always appreciate and respect your unique needs. Our intention is to guide students to the experience of inner peace that is yoga. We practice and encourage an environment free of judgment. Our goal is to be a studio that you love and it loves you back.

mind, body & spirit

You are more than just your physical body. At Mindful Elephant we offer classes for physical (asana) practice, and we also offer classes that include meditation and breathing (pranayama) techniques to build the inner strength of your mind & spirit. Our monthly mantras give you the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the philosophical benefits of yoga.