Emily Tara Sabalbaro

Hi! I'm Emily Tara!
I stepped onto a yoga mat for the first time 12 years ago, and I loved the feeling of surrender I found. Without asking anything of me, yoga was there when I needed it most.
After getting laid off from yet another marketing job, I decided to leave the world of (standing) desks behind to teach full-time. My mantra? "Relentless Forward Motion." The human body and mind are meant to be stretched, and that's why I encourage my students to push their limits in small ways everyday.
The trademark of my style is exploring static postures with correct alignment and adding a thoughtful, dynamic flow. I will treat you to guided meditations and tools for building mindfulness and gratefulness practices in your daily life.
My training in trauma-sensitive instruction has solidified the importance of fostering a supportive, all-levels environment.
I recently traveled to Nepal, where I trekked the Himalayas and expanded my yoga practice, and I am eager to share my inspiration and insights with you!
To learn what moves me, please visit www.inspirenjoy.com.

Emily Tara Sabalbaro instructs the following:
  • Wind Down Restorative
  • You deserve this! Restorative yoga is a way to totally relax, release stress, and invite in a peaceful, nurturing, calm sense of being. You’ll be guided in gentle twists, forward folds, and other poses that are supported with bolsters, blocks, and blankets. You’ll spend soothing extended time in each pose to maximize the benefits. It can be beneficial for everyone, especially those of you that are constantly on the go! As if the practice isn't soothing enough, we send you home with a cup of herbal tea. Ahhhhhhh........
    All levels welcome.
    Pace: Extra Relaxed

  • Yin
  • Are you a runner, cyclist, athlete, or just someone wanting more flexibility and a good stretch in body, mind & spirit? You will hold postures for an extended time (2 - 5 min) to focus on the deep release of your body's connective tissues and fascia. Yin is also great for increasing mobility, circulation, and regulating energy flow throughout your body as many poses target energy channels and meridians. Yin yoga is the perfect compliment to a “yang” or more active yoga practice.
    All levels welcome.
    Pace: Relaxed

  • Mindful Flow + Meditation
  • Experience the balance, peace and self-awareness that a Mindful Flow can bring you. Emphasis is on meditation-in-motion that you create by connecting breath with movement, all while building strength, flexibility, and warmth in your body.

    Meditation (5 - 10 minutes) helps you find new ways to engage your life with experiences that teach, heal, & enhance everything around you.
    All levels welcome.
    Pace: Moderate