Jenna Brown

Hi! I'm Jenna!
As a child, I remember two things making me happiest – being active, and being outdoors. Whether I was at a swim meet, climbing a tree, or swinging on the hammock, I always had to be moving. Something about being outside and witnessing the interconnected-ness of nature brought me such peace. But it wasn’t until I came to my yoga mat that I truly felt a part of that connection myself.
Yoga was first introduced to me as a compliment to athletic training, and I resisted it. Years later, after experiencing deep emotional pain and trauma, the practice slipped ever-so quietly into my regular routine. Soon I was practicing yoga daily, just because it had become a habit, but for years I was unaware of the ways in which it was silently healing my spirit. Over time, I recognized the practice for what it was, and was ignited by a desire to share it with others. I found that yoga provided me with a sense of community, and fostered my compassion. Much like nature, I found the practice to be a powerful connective force.
My classes focus on self-empowerment and self-awareness through purposeful breath and mindful movement. I hope to inspire others to use their yoga practice to connect with themselves, and be conscious of the world around them. I also offer Reiki healing and Doula services. When I’m not on my mat, I can still be found enjoying time outside, probably in a hammock… some habits are just lifelong.

Jenna Brown instructs the following:
  • Gentle
  • A supported, soft, nurturing, and relaxed class with gradual transitions from one posture to the next. You'll have time to focus on your breath and find the range of motion that is best for you as you move through seated, standing and balancing poses. Blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, and the wall are available to support you in your practice.
    All levels welcome.
    Pace: Relaxed

  • Vinyasa 45 min - $10
  • When you don't have an hour or more to fit your practice into your busy schedule, join us for this 45 min Vinyasa Flow. Energize and revitalize your body, mind & spirit! Vinyasa focuses on linking conscious breath with a flow of postures, like a beautiful melody sung through your body. You will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing your body and calming your mind. Options will be offered to make it a very active practice, or if you just need to chill out in child's pose the entire time, that's respected and loved by us! 
    Single class card rate for this class is only $10. You can also use your class card package or membership.
    All levels welcome.
    Pace: Brisk

  • Sunset Flow
  • Join us for a peaceful, grounding flow to wind down from the week and ease into your weekend. Take time for YOU to recharge and reconnect. Peaceful music will accompany slow, mindful, Vinyasa-style movement.
    All levels welcome.
    Pace: Relaxed to Moderate

  • Mindful Flow
  • Experience the balance, peace and self-awareness that a Mindful Flow can bring you. Emphasis is on meditation-in-motion that you create by connecting breath with movement, all while building strength, flexibility, and warmth in your body.
    All levels welcome.
    Pace: Moderate