Katy Kopnitsky

Hi! I’m Katy Kop!
I teach yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices to adults and children! My foundational training is in a style of Vinyasa with strong ties to the Ashtanga tradition. I maintain a regular yoga practice encompassing a number of different styles and a regular meditation practice.
Upon completing my 200 hour RYT Training I immediately sought to continue my education by enrolling in additional specialized trainings to teach populations outside of yoga studios—from children and adolescents in the school system to adults in the criminal justice system. I firmly believe that yoga is for everyone. Since I believe yoga can help everyone, I aim to bring it to them anyway and anywhere I can—inside and outside the studio.
When I am not teaching in yoga studios you can find me teaching children in pre-schools, head-start programs, and elementary schools, or working with community-minded organizations to teach adults outside of traditional studio classes.
Yoga is an act of self-care that can benefit not just the individual practicing, but also the many individuals that person crosses paths outside of the four corners of their mat. Helping to foster this spread of equanimity and positivity by guiding people through their practice is my pursuit. I love the time I spend on my mat and I love to guide others through the time they spend on theirs! Let’s meditate in motion together. Let’s improve ourselves and our communities with our conscious breath and movement. Meet you on the mat!

Katy Kopnitsky instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa
  • Energize and revitalize your body, mind & spirit! Vinyasa focuses on linking conscious breath with a flow of postures, like a beautiful melody sung through your body. You will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing your body and calming your mind. Options will be offered to make it a very active practice, or if you just need to chill out in child's pose the entire time, that's respected and loved by us!
    All levels welcome.
    Pace: Brisk

  • Chair Yoga
  • A class designed for anyone interested in the benefits of yoga without having to sit on the floor. From a seated or supported standing position you will strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, practice balance, and experience breathing techniques to reduce stress and improve mental focus.
    All levels welcome.
    Pace: Relaxed

  • Mindful Flow + Meditation
  • Experience the balance, peace and self-awareness that a Mindful Flow can bring you. Emphasis is on meditation-in-motion that you create by connecting breath with movement, all while building strength, flexibility, and warmth in your body.

    Meditation (5 - 10 minutes) helps you find new ways to engage your life with experiences that teach, heal, & enhance everything around you.
    All levels welcome.
    Pace: Moderate