Open 2 Months!

It is so hard to believe that 2 months have passed since first opening the doors to Mindful Elephant Yoga in Philadelphia! A couple of days ago a student gave me a high five on his way out the door after class, it was my first...and it put a big goofy smile on my face. It was the perfect sign from the universe. I feel blessed.

And when a student who is new to yoga told me last week that he is walking taller and straighter I almost cried. When students share the benefits they receive from yoga it warms my heart and soul through and through. Because you see, it means we have a connection, a connection to something in our life that has helped us heal and/or live a better, healthier life. 

2 GREAT months, thanks to the support of the teachers and students that have walked through the door and on to their mat, and continue to do so. I can't thank you enough!