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Hi! I'm Anisha!
After a long relationship with dance, I came to yoga within the past few years and immediately received the benefits, both physical and mental.
I dove into completing two teacher trainings, ashtanga and anusara / therapeutic based, and fell further down the study and exploration of yoga. I love practicing and teaching with people and sharing those "aha" moments to open a new facet of the practice.
From classes I hope you gain a new sense of your capabilities and always with a sense of lightheartedness and laughter! I am so thankful for the Mindful Elephant space, community of students and teachers who allow for the practice to thrive.
Hi! I'm Diana!

I have been a student of movement for the majority of my life. Formally trained in dance since the age of five, I was selected to instruct first at my home studio and then eventually for the community dance program while earning my undergraduate degree at Muhlenberg College. Shortly after earning my degree and moving to the Philadelphia area, I discovered Pilates and found it to be a great supplement to my dance training. Recognizing my desire to share it with others, I was certified to teach Mat Pilates in 2005.

I taught at a variety of venues throughout the area while in grad school at Villanova University, including multiple yoga studios where I occasionally took class and got my first taste of vinyasa yoga. Unfortunately, it never quite stuck until I took my first hot yoga class in Sept 2011 at Dana Hot Yoga.

I firmly believe that people find yoga (and stick with it) when they need it the most. At the time, I was struggling with being an unemployed high school teacher, unsure of when I’d land my next teaching gig and get back in the classroom. I needed the mental peace and guidance that I quickly found while spending consistent time on the mat.

As I have told many friends and relatives who don't practice, it has quite literally changed my life! As with Pilates, I realized I wanted to share my love of the practice with others, which led to my participation in Dana Hot Yoga's 250 hour teacher training program during the spring of 2013. My experience was more transformative than I could have even imagined, physically, mentally, and spiritually, which continues to affect my life even today.

I can't wait to see you on the mat, hoping to help you develop your own love of the practice!
Hi! I'm Emily Tara!
I stepped onto a yoga mat for the first time 12 years ago, and I loved the feeling of surrender I found. Without asking anything of me, yoga was there when I needed it most.
After getting laid off from yet another marketing job, I decided to leave the world of (standing) desks behind to teach full-time. My mantra? "Relentless Forward Motion." The human body and mind are meant to be stretched, and that's why I encourage my students to push their limits in small ways everyday.
The trademark of my style is exploring static postures with correct alignment and adding a thoughtful, dynamic flow. I will treat you to guided meditations and tools for building mindfulness and gratefulness practices in your daily life.
My training in trauma-sensitive instruction has solidified the importance of fostering a supportive, all-levels environment.
I recently traveled to Nepal, where I trekked the Himalayas and expanded my yoga practice, and I am eager to share my inspiration and insights with you!
To learn what moves me, please visit www.inspirenjoy.com.
Hi! I'm Hannah!
I am a yoga teacher but first and foremost always a student! I am humbled by all the teachers before me and am grateful to be on this ongoing journey.
I completed my RYT 200 hour certification at Yogaworks in NYC under Heather Seagraves in 2014. In 2017 I had the honor to study with Colleen and Rodney Yee, completing an advanced training with them at Yoga Shanti NYC.
While my yoga practice first started in an attempt to “get fit”, gradually it turned into so much more. I am inspired by the workings of the mind, the grounding quality of movement, and the power of the breath.
My classes will focus on self-awareness, breath, alignment, intelligent sequencing and also fun. I am a normal person who likes yoga and I want to share it with you!
Hi! I'm Jenna!
As a child, I remember two things making me happiest – being active, and being outdoors. Whether I was at a swim meet, climbing a tree, or swinging on the hammock, I always had to be moving. Something about being outside and witnessing the interconnected-ness of nature brought me such peace. But it wasn’t until I came to my yoga mat that I truly felt a part of that connection myself.
Yoga was first introduced to me as a compliment to athletic training, and I resisted it. Years later, after experiencing deep emotional pain and trauma, the practice slipped ever-so quietly into my regular routine. Soon I was practicing yoga daily, just because it had become a habit, but for years I was unaware of the ways in which it was silently healing my spirit. Over time, I recognized the practice for what it was, and was ignited by a desire to share it with others. I found that yoga provided me with a sense of community, and fostered my compassion. Much like nature, I found the practice to be a powerful connective force.
My classes focus on self-empowerment and self-awareness through purposeful breath and mindful movement. I hope to inspire others to use their yoga practice to connect with themselves, and be conscious of the world around them. I also offer Reiki healing and Doula services. When I’m not on my mat, I can still be found enjoying time outside, probably in a hammock… some habits are just lifelong.
Hi! I'm Juli!
Yoga has inspired and empowered me to do things I never thought were possible in my life, and this is just one of the reasons why I'm so passionate about sharing the practice with others. My hope is that each and every student will connect with their best teacher (the voice within) during practice and find what they need within themselves to be all they want to be in life. I believe the physical benefits of strength, flexibility, etc. are the bonus of doing yoga, so I can carry around my inspired and enlightened self in a healthy body.

Some of the most memorable and transformative moments in my life occurred during my teacher training at Kripalu and every day I continue to be amazed by the healing power of yoga physically, mentally and spiritually.
In class I will encourage you to just do you. It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing, honor you. Yoga is an avenue for self-discovery and self-compassion, without judgement. Let's ride the waves of life together on our yoga mats!  
Hi! I’m Katy Kop!
I teach yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices to adults and children! My foundational training is in a style of Vinyasa with strong ties to the Ashtanga tradition. I maintain a regular yoga practice encompassing a number of different styles and a regular meditation practice.
Upon completing my 200 hour RYT Training I immediately sought to continue my education by enrolling in additional specialized trainings to teach populations outside of yoga studios—from children and adolescents in the school system to adults in the criminal justice system. I firmly believe that yoga is for everyone. Since I believe yoga can help everyone, I aim to bring it to them anyway and anywhere I can—inside and outside the studio.
When I am not teaching in yoga studios you can find me teaching children in pre-schools, head-start programs, and elementary schools, or working with community-minded organizations to teach adults outside of traditional studio classes.
Yoga is an act of self-care that can benefit not just the individual practicing, but also the many individuals that person crosses paths outside of the four corners of their mat. Helping to foster this spread of equanimity and positivity by guiding people through their practice is my pursuit. I love the time I spend on my mat and I love to guide others through the time they spend on theirs! Let’s meditate in motion together. Let’s improve ourselves and our communities with our conscious breath and movement. Meet you on the mat!
Hi! I’m Lindsay!
Yoga to me is more about the way you feel during your practice than the way you look. Personally, yoga has helped and continues to help me maneuver through a very complex journey we call life. Yoga has helped me to embrace the good, understand the bad, face fears and find grace in all. During my childhood, I always found a way to voice myself. Sometimes I sang aloud, sometimes I danced and sometimes I picked fights with my older brother. As an adult, I still like to partake in the former two but I’ve learned, getting into fights and being angry wasn’t the healthiest way to express myself. And then I found yoga. I found something powerful. A source of health, clarity, and emotional expression. Yoga became an outlet and a way to feel better about who I was and the life I was living.
As a marriage and family therapist and yoga instructor in Philadelphia, my purpose is to help others find this same solace. I started a private practice in 2014 and for a little over two years, I have been integrating mindfulness, meditation, yoga and psychotherapy into a unique treatment modality. Through my ongoing studies and personal practice, I have landed comfortably in the Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga styles. I pay attention to the physical body and assist with alignment, injuries and adjustments that deepen the practice, but my best work arises in the energetic body. My goal is to help you release any struggles you may be having physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Hi I'm Lori!
I'm a celebrated international yoga educator and the creator of Sequencology, a teaching methodology for intelligent vinyasa. I have been a featured teacher at New York City's top yoga studios, an adjunct faculty member on several teacher training staffs, and lead workshops, retreats and trainings around the globe.
I locally taught at Dhyana Yoga where I was the Lead Teacher of their Inaugural 500 Hour Teaching Training before going on my second maternity leave. I now return to teaching as the happy mother of a newborn girl and an (almost) three year old toddler.
Hi! I'm Maggie!
When I found Vinyasa yoga, I immediately fell in love with the practice. I was already recovering from depression and anxiety, I thought yoga would be a healthy habit.
I quickly discovered that yoga healed me in ways other therapies never could, and so I traveled to Rishikesh, India for teacher training. There, I became empowered to create a life which would allow me to use my practice on and off of her mat. I continue to find new ways to do this through continuing my studies whenever I can, and by staying inspired by my passion for "recovery from life".
I believe every soul can benefit from the practice, and my classes offer modifications and advancements so that every body at every class can reap benefits and experience "wellth". When I am not in the studio, I can be found with my personal guru, my emotional support animal Hudson.
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