Ignite Your Light
* 90 min. Holistic Healing Session - $150
Reiki - physical, energetic, spiritual healing using light touch to channel life force energy
Shitasu - acupressure aimed to open physical and energy blocks
Reflexology - acupressure of hands and feet
Healing crystals/stones aimed to balance specific or all 7 Chakra centers
Essential oils to target specific needs or ailments

*60 min. Reiki Session - $80

*30 min. Reiki Session - $50

*60 min. Gentle Aromatherapy Massage - $90

All healing sessions can be designed to meet your specific wellness needs holistically. 50% of fee due at time of booking and remainder due at time of service. Cancellation less than 48 hours before scheduled service results in loss of 50% fee. Email Juli at juli@mindfulelephantyoga.com to request appointment.